1. Social Enterprise

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    2. What you missed in Cloud: Redefining the social enterprise

      What you missed in Cloud: Redefining the social enterprise
      The cloud ecosystem broke from its usual fixation on developers and business analysts last week to give social marketers their long-deserved share of the limelight. Salesforce.com Inc. provided the initial push with the release of amajor updateto its widely-used customer targeting platform that introduces the ability for organizations harness an important but often overlooked driver of online buying patterns: Pinterest. Pin this.
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    3. 3 Keys to Creating Mind-Blowing Social Media Content

      3 Keys to Creating Mind-Blowing Social Media Content
      Content Marketing World was a conference of inspirational ideas, insights and approaches to creating smart, sales-driven, holy smokes content (the latter was coined by Social Media Explorers Jason Falls). And while it might seem like a challenge to create mind-blowing content, the opportunity is actually right in front of you....
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    4. Tempestuous Relationships

      Tempestuous Relationships
      In what seems to be from the lower paleothic period but in fact was about a year and a half ago, I wrote a post about theMean Girlsphenomenon and Shakespeare. This in turn was not actually about mean girls or Henry IV, but about the interesting relationship of vendors, buyers, and the psychology of personalities involved.
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    1. Salesforce.com continues to expand its infrastructure to support the adoption of the social enterprise among our rapidly growing global customer base.
      Marc Benioff in Salesforce.com announces Tokyo data centre
    2. The problem isn't with the tool, it's with the CIOs who decide whether to take the technology on board, At IBM Lotusphere, we were shown a case study in which users started their own social enterprise network.
      In Analysis: Is there a need for social analytics in the enterprise?
    3. As a social enterprise, customer success is always salesforce.com's number one priority.
      In Salesforce.com customers say new analytics should be included in core fees