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    2. Don’t short change your Salesforce investment

      Don’t short change your Salesforce investment
      The first theory you learn about in economics is why a lawyer never mows his own yard. Why you ask? Because it costs the laywer way too much money to do it himself. I want to expand on this idea and make the point that a part-time or also-admin is short changing your Salesforce investment. Let me explain by what I mean Also-Admin. When I introduce myself to people at ...
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    1. It's a clear move that follows on what we saw from Adobe, Oracle and SFDC last year with their acquisitions.
      In Was IBM's Hand Forced by Industry to Acquire Silverpop?
    2. Based on past history, though, customers should not assume that the newly-acquired services will integrate with other SFDC platforms easily or soon. This will likely become a multi-year integration journey.
      In Analysts react to Salesforce.com's purchase of Buddy Media