1. Service Cloud

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  1. About Service Cloud

    Service Cloud

    Customer service for the 
    Social Enterprise

    Delight customers with faster, more responsive service across every channel—from the contact center to customer social networks.

    • Service and engage on social media
    • Make service agents more productive
    • Reduce service costs

  2. Quotes about Service Cloud

    1. We are using the sales cloud and the service cloud extensively.
      In Cloud-first policy adopted at Coca-Cola
    2. The Internet of Things, coupled with the Service Cloud, and a company's own vision, will allow for customer service cases to be proactively solved before they happen, rather than reactively, which is largely the world we live in today.
      Alex Bard in How the Internet of Things Will Revolutionize Customer Service
    3. Our clients are seeking technologies to help provide better user experience associated with HR service delivery. We are building industry-leading solutions based on Salesforce1's Community Cloud, Service Cloud and Platform for our HR clients.
      In Deloitte Digital Will Advise Clients on Creating Dynamic Digital Communities, Extending the Value of the Salesforce1 ...