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  1. About Salesforce


    Connect with customers and employees
    in new and meaningful ways

    Transform your business for the social revolution that’s happening now

  2. Quotes about Salesforce

    1. Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows us to go beyond listening to proactively engaging with customers. With the social intelligence provided by the Marketing Cloud, now we can quickly distinguish which social posts ask questions, express a need or problem and identify our brand champions and act on that information.
      In The Marketing Cloud Delivers a New Generation of Social Analytics
    2. That was kind of our first exposure to how Salesforce was used in a much bigger way than just CRM.
      In 4 Ways CIOs Can Innovate Faster with Salesforce1
    3. With Salesforce we now run reports on a very regular basis and that just doesn't happen anymore.
      In 4 Big Ways CRM Helps Scale Your Business