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    1. Experience Manager helps you build apps and create experiences, Adobe Analytics helps marketers measure app usage, and Adobe Target and Campaign help with push messaging and optimizing messaging.
      In How Adobe is embedding its marketing cloud into thousands of mobile apps
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    1. Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows us to go beyond listening to proactively engaging with customers. With the social intelligence provided by the Marketing Cloud, now we can quickly distinguish which social posts ask questions, express a need or problem and identify our brand champions and act on that information.
      In The Marketing Cloud Delivers a New Generation of Social Analytics
    2. We're bringing the market alternative to the closed, rigid marketing cloud that Adobe and Salesforce have created.
      In Shift attacks Salesforce, Adobe with ‘open marketing cloud,’ an app store for digital marketing tools
    3. Today's marketing cloud applications are left out of the conversations.
      In .@Invoca taps #Salesforce veteran as CEO - @Gregg_Johnson