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    2. Salesforce snaps up marketing virtual assistant firm MinHash

      Salesforce snaps up marketing virtual assistant firm MinHash
      Salesforce has acquired MinHash, a startup which leverages artificial intelligence to help marketers put together successful ad campaigns. First reported by TechCrunch this week, the acquisition has now been confirmed by Salesforce and the MinHash team.
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    1. We are very pleased to partner with Exafort to provide eTrigue as the premier Salesforce.com integrated marketing automation application.
      In Exafort, Inc. Announces Partnership with eTrigue
    2. We've been doing marketing automation since 2007, and features like behavioral marketing that Salesforce is talking about bringing to its system are things we have been doing for years.
      In Silverpop Debuts Mobile Connector for Engaging Apps #DF13
    3. The spotlight remains on other providers of email marketing and marketing automation solutions — folks like Marketo and Silverpop — but also on some of the providers of targeted solutions in this space.
      In What the Responsys Acquisition Means for Oracle, Digital Marketing