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    1. “I’m delighted to announce that we expect to deliver our first $8 billion year during our fiscal year 2017, which puts us well on the path to reach $10 billion faster than any other enterprise software company.”
      In "Salesforce delivered yet another exceptional quarter..."
    2. There's no more exciting technology market in the world than Germany.
      In Salesforce to Invest Over $1 Billion in Germany, Benioff Says
    3. The reality is, if that's all I focused on, my company would be a disaster. The reason my company is successful is because I am focused on my stakeholders, not my shareholders.
      In Salesforce CEO to Cramer: What drives our success
    4. To really think and be successful as a CEO today you need to think in a multi-stakeholder framework, and that is what's important, and that is really what drives me every single day.
      In Salesforce CEO to Cramer: What drives our success
    5. Some would say the analytics market is bigger than the CRM market.
      In Salesforce Revenue Outlook Tops Estimates on Enterprise Push
    6. Technology is always becoming lower in cost and easier to use. It's a continuum. Let's ride it.
      In THE QUIET COFOUNDER: How Parker Harris helped turn Salesforce into the most powerful tech company in San Francisco
    7. Where's it gone? What good is it doing now?
      In More Tech Entrepreneurs Inclined to Give Now Instead of Waiting #benioffwatch
    8. We have a great opportunity to give back, we have an awesome industry, we're doing a great job, but we can also make this whole world a lot better.
      In Marc Benioff Wins CEO of the Year at the 8th Annual Crunchies
    9. We're all heading to creepy. We all know that.
      In Why Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff Is Totally Obsessed With His Fitbit
    10. Well Keith would you like to respond to that one?
      In Benioff on giving back, women and the next 5 years
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    1. CEO Marc Benioff's decision to issue a four-for-one stock split for Salesforce.com is an inspired and correct decision, one that I believe will help this $175 stock immeasurably. That's right, I think it will matter, maybe matter much more than most realize.
      In Cramer: Stock Splits Don't Matter Right? Wrong!
    2. This is Marc Benioff, CEO of Liberty Software.
      In Marc Benioff's teenage affair with the Macintosh
    3. The idea that Marc Benioff is putting out - to build community by giving back to the community - is one that will resonate beyond the dollar amount.
      In Benioff challenges Bay Area's tech leaders to give more