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    1. As a part of our ongoing strategy to establish IBM GBS as a premier global digital consultancy and accelerate GBS leadership in the next generation cloud CRM solutions space, Microsoft solution implementations will increasingly require transformational consulting services based on unique client industry insight.
      In IBM Gloves Up for Public Sector CRM Arena
    2. Our two biggest competitors that we watched most closely over last two decades, IBM and SAP, and we no longer pay any attention to either one of them. It is quite a shock.
      In Oracle's Larry Ellison: IBM and SAP were our biggest competitors but 'we no longer pay any attention' to them
    3. If you look at companies like HP and IBM IBM, large corporations, sometimes it's easier to get people leaving than companies like Salesforce, because they offer more entrepreneurship within the positions.
      In Salesforce Innovation Secrets: How Marc Benioff's Team Stays On Top