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  1. About Heroku


    Heroku is the leading cloud platform for building and deploying social and mobile customer applications. Built on open standards, Heroku supports multiple frameworks, databases, and languages—including Java and Ruby. Developers love Heroku because they can leverage their existing skillsets, work with the tools they choose, and keep their focus on building amazing apps

  2. Quotes about Heroku

    1. We've created a smooth experience for you to run code on either Heroku or the Parse Cloud, and we're excited about the opportunities this combination has to offer.
      In Salesforce and Facebook just announced a partnership — sort of
    2. The word community is the word that matters, Heroku started about Ruby on Rails, that was absolutely our community.
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    3. Heroku is for building real apps, mobile apps, while Force.com is for building things like report writers and extensions to existing apps. People need different tools for different jobs.
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