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    1. Being named a Strong Performer by Forrester is a tremendous milestone for our company.
      In CloudCraze is a Strong Performer in Forrester's 2015 B2B Commerce Suites Wave
    2. We are proud to be recognized by Forrester as a Leader in Salesforce implementation for the second time, and are especially thrilled to have received the highest client satisfaction scores of any of the companies in the report.
      In Accenture Named a Leader Among Salesforce Implementation Partners in Second Report by Independent Research Firm
    3. In establishing a specific set of functionalities needed for sales enablement success, Forrester has provided a path forward for B2B enterprise executives who realize the necessity in equipping their sales team with the right content and who are now looking for a best-fit solution.
      In Salesforce Partner @SeismicSoftware a Top Vendor in Forrester's Sales Enablement Report