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    1. The CRM applications market experiences growth in an organic relationship with broader market conditions and organizational performance. Movements such as social and mobile are bringing consumer-like experience requirements to all aspects of end-customer engagement with the companies with whom they conduct business.
      In Oracle, Salesforce Lead CRM Applications Market in 2011: IDC
    2. It produces a big bump in user engagement quickly and cheaply, relative to other methods. We are also making work more fun, which leads to more and better work done by happier employees.
      In Gamification goes mainstream (Rypple)
    3. The combined forces of consumerization, cloud and social networking have radically transformed the customer engagement model. Marketing leaders today must embrace this new world with full abandon, or fail. There is no middle ground.
      In Marketo Announces Significant New Product Innovations to Accelerate Customers' Revenue Growth by 40 Percent