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    1. The Best Performing CEOs in the World - Yep, Benioff Made the List

      The Best Performing CEOs in the World - Yep, Benioff Made the List

      Harvard Business Review's Annual Ranking -

      The world’s top-performing CEO isn’t a household name. In fact, Lars Rebien Sørensen doesn’t even look like a big-time global executive. We recently traveled to the quiet town of Ridgefield, Connecticut, to meet with the CEO of the Danish pharmaceutical giant Novo Nordisk at his lakefront summer home. He met us in shorts, sandals, and a polo shirt, dressed for a bike ride later that day.

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    2. The Strategic Value of APIs

      The Strategic Value of APIs

      Today, a firm without application program interfaces (APIs) that allow software programs to interact with each other is like the internet without the World Wide Web. Just as the World Wide Web opened up the internet’s potential for use by billions, APIs — specifications or protocols for how to exchange information or request online services from an organization — are allowing companies to grow businesses at unprecedented rates by sharing services with external firms.

      Walgreens recently opened its photo printing and pharmaciesto the outside world through APIs. Large numbers of developers responded, and some offered immensely popular applications such as ...

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