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    1. Amazon takes a swing at Oracle

      Amazon takes a swing at Oracle

      Talkin' smack!  During its AWS conference, Amazon took aim at Oracle, which is currently the biggest provider of traditional cloud databases.  

      It used to be upstarts like Salesforce and Box that took turns jabbing at the enterprise giants. But at Amazon's AWS re:Invent conference Wednesday, it was Amazon taking aim at Oracle and the smaller Salesforce.

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    2. Silicon Valley to Salesforce: Don't go!

      Silicon Valley to Salesforce: Don't go!

      Salesforce.com is for sale, some reports say. No wait—there aren't any buyers, say others. If Silicon Valley had a say in this, most parties—especially start-ups—would prefer the latter outcome, chiefly because the disappearance of one of the largest business software companies would significantly shrink the pool of potential start-up buyers. Salesforce is a local darling. Over the past 16 years, navigating through multiple financial and economic crises, founder and CEO Marc Benioff has grown the company from a niche developer of Web-based customer relationship management software to the pioneer of a massive category called software ...

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