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    1. Almost time for SF’s Salesforce Tower to hit the top

      f you’ve been wondering when San Francisco’s Salesforce Tower would finally stop climbing higher and higher into the sky, the answer is — soon.

      The last steel beam will be maneuvered into place atop the 1,070-foot high-rise on April 6, developers Boston Properties and Hines revealed Friday. The high point will come four years after the ceremonial groundbreaking in March 2013, but barely a year since the first steel appeared above ground last March.

      This doesn’t mean work on the tower is finished, as is clear to anyone who looks at the skyline and sees the open ...

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    2. The Best CRM: New vs Old [infographic]

      The Best CRM: New vs Old [infographic]

      Customer relationship management (CRM) is nothing new, but the ways in which sales teams can utilize the platform has evolved significantly. In the past, it was one-way data. Today, data is social and sharable. It enables collaboration between teams for better results.

      Even more, up to $1.3 trillion in value is left on the table by companies using old CRM tools, according to MGI research. This value can be accessed using today's social CRM.

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    3. Benioffs' aid gives homeless families homes, hope

      Benioffs' aid gives homeless families homes, hope

      While the money has built a new shelter out of a former Catholic convent and helped stabilize hundreds of families, it has also allowed nonprofits and other social support agencies to shift their focus from meeting immediate needs to efforts that offer families a better chance at long-term success. The agency received $500,000 of the $2 million donated this year to support the agency's First ...

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    4. Salesforce expands its online reach

      Salesforce expands its online reach

      Salesforce expands its online reach Salesforce.com marked the opening of its largest-ever Dreamforce conference Wednesday by releasing a new version of its software for tablet computers and gathering its social-media marketing products into a single group. Salesforce, which sells software over the Internet instead of as a packaged product, will offer its customer-management tools via Salesforce ...

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    5. Big competitors push Salesforce to evolve

      Big competitors push Salesforce to evolve

      Even before Salesforce.com went public in 2004, Chief Executive Officer Marc Benioff wasted few opportunities to poke fun at bigger, more established software companies, calling their products "landfill."

      In his management book "Behind the Cloud," Benioff advised upstarts to "box above your weight."

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