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    1. Hiking the Trailhead Path – One Higher Ed Admin’s Journey

      Hiking the Trailhead Path – One Higher Ed Admin’s Journey

      Recently I had my own wilderness experience while hiking the #Trailhead Path. While no crying was involved (at least not enough to induce EFPS) I will say that what I found I had been doing in regards to earning my Trailhead badges was enough for me to seek out knowledge and guidance from seasoned hikers. The responses I received from theTrailhead User Group Community (in both the Power of US Hub and Success Community) as well as from the Girlforce User Group Community in order to overcome this obstacle was amazing.

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    2. The "social" Social Enterprise

      The "social" Social Enterprise
      The “social” social enterprise was an important set of concepts that was not only relevant to the for-profit companies that make up the bulk of salesforce.com’s customers, but also to our growing community of nonprofit users. In fact, I would even argue that the nonprofit community was better positioned to understand and implement the core ideas of a salesforce “social enterprise” than their for-profit counterparts. After all, most nonprofits have long relied on a sort of “social” engagement to further their cause. San Francisco, California, USA If you have a “social” social enterprise vision, let salesforce.com help ...
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    3. NPO Triggers 101

      NPO Triggers 101
      The last stand of the point & click admin. Wed, 2011-06-01 Seattle, WA USA "Clicks not code. Clicks not code. Clicks not code."It’s my everyday mantra, one instilled at the very core of what Salesforce does. When presented with a problem, we want to use clicks, or things we can point and click and configure in the interface (workflow, cross-object formula, etc.), instead of using code to get things done.  | Read More >
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    4. The Salesforce Foundation: The Higher Edge

      The Salesforce Foundation: The Higher Edge

      Data is an extremely valuable resource and there are few institutions that have more of it than our Higher Education customers. The challenge is never the amount of data but how to access and actually use it. It can be compared to having a vault full of money and no easy way to make a withdrawal. In most situations only a privileged few have the combination to the safe and there is always a long line at the teller. This puts an enormous amount of pressure on the technology team to satisfy the re

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    5. Education in the Cloud

      Education in the Cloud
      by Rob Lamb, Account Executive Working with the higher education community has been a fascinating experience for myself and the rest of the Foundation sales team.  I started at salesforce.com over 8 years ago, and frankly, I have been having flashbacks to the early days as our team works to educate a new audience about the benefits of using Salesforce products to serve their constituents, students, and staff. The opportunity is enourmous and a failing grade is not an option for us. An investment
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