1. Social Enterprise: How Salesforce.com Uses Twitter

    Social Enterprise: How Salesforce.com Uses Twitter

    In taking a closer look at the Salesforce Twitter page, a few things stand out as best practices for all organizations. 


    1. Utilization of Twitter Lists

    Salesforce.com realizes that this is all about community and rather than have you hopelessly stumble across other SFDC enthusiasts, they've created organized lists of the people you should follow: 

    Salesforce.com employees

    Twittersphere family

    Social Media Command Center A-Team

    Exceptional individuals from our Community & Social Media channels

    Industry analysts

    2. Empower Your Employees To Be Social

    While not officially confirmed, they clearly have some sort of Social Media policy where employess are encouraged to post a version of the following phrase "Views expressed on Twitter are my own" to their profiles. Some organizations fear this approach would restrict their employees from tweeting but it seems to have the opposite effect on the SFDC crew. 


    3. Practice What You Preach

    Salesforce cannot talk about "The Social Enterprise" if they are not acting like a Social Enterprise.  They are incredibly socially active on Twitter and to be clear, quantity does not indicate quaility but take a good look at your organization and see how many people have more than 1k tweets.  Here is a snapshot taken from a 5 minute scan on their Twitter page.







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