1. Salesforce skills in high demand in 2017

    Salesforce skills in high demand in 2017

    Feature Salesforce skills in high demand in 2017 From developers to project managers to marketing, Salesforce has emerged as one of the hottest skills for IT and business professionals. Senior Writer, CIO | Feb 13, 2017 2:24 AM Martyn Williams CIO Career Coach: How to resign your executive position Want to land a better job in 2017? If you do one thing in pursuit of that goal this year, you should add Salesforce skills to your resume.

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    1. In most positions, Salesforce knowledge is required as a complementary skill, in addition to a technical skill set in IT roles (such as software developers and network engineers), sales roles (such as sales representatives and sales managers) and marketing roles (such as marketing managers and marketing specialists).
    2. In roles where Salesforce is a complementary skill, demand for Salesforce skills is increasing as well. For example, postings for Sales Representatives calling for Salesforce skills increased twice as much as all sales representative postings over this same period.
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