1. .@TranslateCom Now Integrates with @Desk.com #Salesforce

    .@TranslateCom Now Integrates with @Desk.com #Salesforce

    Translate.com, a translation and localization platform serving customer support and E-Commerce entities, now integrates with Salesforce's Desk.com.  This integration marks Translate.com's fourth customer support solution, including Zendesk and Help Scout, bringing the platform's total count to 34.

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    1. The Desk.com connection is a milestone on Translate.com's path to providing a multi-platform customer support solution for companies looking to manage the demands of a growing global presence.
    2. Translate.com's integration with Desk.com equips agents with the ability to reduce language barriers for over 90 language pairings while expanding bandwidth of in-house, multilingual agents.
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