1. .@Simplusnow Receives $7.3M in Series A Funding - @SalesforceVC Participates

    .@Simplusnow Receives $7.3M in Series A Funding - @SalesforceVC Participates

    Simplus, a Salesforce Consulting Partner, announced it has raised more than $7M in a Series A funding round led by Epic Ventures with participation from Salesforce Ventures, and Silicon Valley Bank. Simplus also announced its acquisition of BaldPeak Consulting, a provider of quote-to-cash services.

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    1. From the moment BaldPeak was founded, our mission was to build the next-generation professional services organization for the modern subscription business.
    2. We are fortunate to be backed by Salesforce Ventures and we plan to use the funding to acquire other Salesforce Quote-to-Cash partners in our journey to grow the best team of experts in the world.
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